Metation Techniques



Things you will need:

5 incense of choice

quiet spot where no one will bother you for about 1 hour

Step 2 is very important because during this you can not be disturbed or if will not do you any good



Go to the place where you have set aside where it will be quite and no one will bother you for a while

Light 5 incense and invoke Spirit, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Sea.

Place 3 of the incense in front of you and 2 between you middle fingers like you are praying.

Next sit on the ground and if you have a circle set in it and watch the incense and reflect on things that have happened in you past and the things that you are dealing with at the present. Do this for about half of the incense.

Then imagine a distant speckle of light as it comes closer to.

Then imagine you feet turning into roots and sinking into the ground.

Reach out and grab the light that you see and let it take you where it will take you.

It will show you things of the past present and future.

Look at what it shows you and where it takes you.

Then let the ball of light take you back to the place where you were and take a couple of breaths and you have completed the Metation cycle.

This should be done before Rites each and every time. It will help you clear your mind and set your heart free of any bad things that you are experiencing at the time.

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