Angels come in all forms from physically in person,  in spirit and in dreams. Some appear as other people that you wouldn't expect, such as people hitch hikers and some will put you to a test you to see what you will do and if you will are so willing to help them. 

     Do not mistake what you may have seen or what you thought you may have seen. Angels are here for a purpose to help and protect us. The common misunderstanding is  that most don't know how to communicate with the angles, so that is why we have people that are called "Wizards, Warlock, and so forth." Most that have this understanding and knowledge of communicating with angels, of any type, can either be a VERY GOOD friend or someone that you would FEAR for the safety his life.  In general the Warlocks, Wizards and others that possess these special powers do not use their powers to cause harm, but more importantly use what they know to try to get people to become closer with Divinity. This would be a true Magician. Those who proclaim to be Magicians and do not stress the importance of Divinity are not only double talking, but leading those astray who need Divinity the most.
God uses Angels for both positive and negative things. In order to invoke change into a persons life sometimes it is as simple as giving them something, but others it can be as hard as taking things away. Through many of my experience I have found that most of the time Divinity can give you something good and you will see your errors and correct them accordingly. Take for instance a person that has none thing and is causing havoc all over the place. Divinity gives them things for contentment, so that they will not do those things. In most cases, the reason of them doing negative things is because they are unhappy with themselves. This is one example of the use of Divinity and Angels...
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