Angelic Seals

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Abraxas Agares Aim Alloces Amdusias Amon Amy Andras Andrealphus Andtomalius
Asmoday Astaroth Bael Balam Barbotas Bathin Beleth Belial Berith Bifrons
Bime Botis Buer Bune Camio Cimeies Crocell Dantalion Decarabia Eligos
Eureur Focalor Foras Forneus Furcas Gaap Glasya-labolas Gremory Gusion Haagenti
Halphas Haures Ipos Leraie Malphas Marax Marbas Marchosias Murmur Naberius
Orias Orobas Ose Paimon Phenex Purson Raum Ronove Sabnock Sallos
Samigina Seer Shax Sitri stolas Valac Valefor Vapula Vassago Vaul
Vepar Vine Zagan Zepar            


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