Picture Taken March 24, 2002 at 12:00 p.m. By Michael Jenkins

     As you can CLEARLY see this is Mephistopheles, one of the 7 Great Princes of Hell. He is the Prince of the Level of Hell called Maskim. His name means "one who loves not the light".

     The most famous demon of all, though not the most revered or most powerful, is Mephistopheles, who is fabled to have to served as familiar demon to the German wandering scholar and magician Georgius Sabillicus Faustus (1480-1540?) as part of Faust's pact with the Devil.

     The demon's name has many variant spellings, among them Mephistopheles, Miphostophiles, Mephisto, Mephostophiles and Mephistophilis.

     This picture was taken from a Black Rite that was performed by myself, Michael Jenkins  (Masters of the Art). We had performed this Rite because of an enemy that we both had in common and was causing us trouble.
     We conjured up this entity to help us in this Rite and this is one of the few pictures that I had taken while the write was taking place. This is outside where we were burning the doll in the flames and I had asked for a sign that he was there. I did not know that it would be on camera, to say the least, but it happened that way. While we were out performing the site we did not see this entity, but when we got back in to take the pictures and see what they looked like this is the surprise that we both had gotten...
     If you look at the picture very closely then you can see everything from his mouth to his teeth to his eyes to everything. If you notice above his left eye (your right as you look at the screen) you can see an "inverted" cross, which stands for "Fallen Angel". This entity is not to be taken lightly, he is very dangerous to the normal person or to a person with little knowledge or just starting in wizardry. It IS NOT recommended that you use him. It is an entities' nature, like this one but not all, to cause chaos and destruction and even death, so you might want to use EXTREME caution when working with him.
Page by: Michael Jenkins (Master of the Art)

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