Which are they of
Satan or God???
Many misconstrue spells to be of Satan, but that is not the whole truth. Please read the following very carefully.
A spell is nonething more than a prayer asking for something to happen and asking for certain Angels to carry this out. Look at Solomon for example; God gave him the power over his Angels and armies' to use at his disposal and he had to do the same SPELLS [as we know them] for them to happen. This is merely a way of communication that is directed and precise. It leave for no way of misconstruing information or requests. Also provide a time for reward to the Angels for performing this for you. IE... Offerings such as Herbs, some blood, and metals. The reason for the blood is of a two part. One consisting of the fact that it identifies you as the one requesting something and the other that the Angels grow in strength from this.
An Angel is merely Energy with a conscious and in order for that energy to grow then it must have more energy so the blood is a direct source of energy that comes from the body. So when it is burnt they consume it. Take for instance on the battle fields when people are shot and killed their are Angels there becoming stronger off the energy of the blood that is shed. It is a normally way of life for them, just like allot of people think it is cruel for us to raise cows and then kill them for the meat!! Also why the big animals eat on the little ones this is called nature as we know it and it is the same for the Angels. It is Nature to them to consume as much energy as possible so they go where ever it is possible to get it.
Getting back to where I was going with this... Spells can be used for good of someone or the bad of someone. So can the communication. You can communicate with the dark Angels for help and protection so I personally do not consider that of Satan. There is a very fine line and believe me I walk it everyday and it is hard to keep yourself on the right track and not to cross that like.
So you make your choice on if it is of Satan or God... I think that it is of BOTH. Depending on how you use it. Some can be for good purposes, but you have to communicate with the dark side to accomplish it. IE... Protection. I personally think that you have to make a balance of this Good and Evil, if that is what you want to call it.
If you want to know what God said about it, well this is what  He said in simple words: use Magic and you are held 10 times responsible and use the magic for the Good, not for the bad. So what he is saying don't hurt anyone, but use it in ways to help someone, which may be using dark Angels.

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